Get fit the fun way! 

ZUMBA® is the original fitness dance class. With a variety of dance styles and music, there is something for everyone and every fitness level.

If you love to dance, this class is for you. You will have fun while you burn calories and get fit.

Come and join the ZUMBA® party with us at Home Fitness! 
1. What is ZUMBA® class?
ZUMBA® is a calorie-burning, Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that has grown to become the largest and most successful dance-fitness program in the world. The program offers a variety of classes for participants of all abilities and fitness levels.

ZUMBA® is a one hour aerobic dance fitness class based on the principle of interval training-alternating high and low intensity exercises which works for both beginners and advanced participants. In ZUMBA®, changes in intensity are driven by the different rhythms of the music and the steps-making it easy to follow and the routines easy to learn with time.

ZUMBA® will get your heart pumping and increase your endurance-you’ll have more energy and burn calories!

2. What is a typical ZUMBA® class like?
3. How long is a ZUMBA® class?
4. How old do you have to be to participate?
5. How many calories will I burn at a ZUMBA® class?
6. What if I’m out of shape and I can’t keep up?
7. What are the Membership options at Home Fitness?
8. What should I wear/bring to class?
9. How early should I arrive for class?
10. Can I take more than one class a day?

Yes. However we request that you listen to your body and do not over-exert yourself. Sometimes less is more - if you work to your 100% intensity in one class, it is more efficient and effective than working 50% in two classes.

11. How long until I see results?
12. What does “Licensed ZUMBA® Instructor” mean?
13. What if I can't dance?
14. What kind of music is played in class and do you take song requests?
15. What if I don't like to exercise?
16. Can I attend ZUMBA® class if I'm unfit and out of shape?
17. Do I have to book for a class?

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