Change your health & fitness in just 4 weeks!

LIFECHANGER is our exclusive 4 week all-encompassing training program including group Personal Training, Group Fitness Classes, Nutrition Planning, Measurements and Fitness Testing. This program is great for anyone wanting to challenge themselves to make real change towards a healthier lifestyle in a short time.

LIFECHANGER is a 4-week training program exclusive to Home Fitness. It includes the following:

- 3 Personal Training group sessions per week (total 12 Personal Training sessions)
- 3 Group Fitness Classes per week (total 12 Group Fitness Classes)
- Nutrition Planning and advice 
- Measurements before and after program
- Body Composition Analysis before and after program
- Fitness Testing before and after program

Each LIFECHANGER runs for 4 weeks and is a private class per group (one morning group and one evening group).
2. How is LIFECHANGER different from regular Group Fitness Classes?
3. How do I register for the next LIFECHANGER Program?
4. When is the next LIFECHANGER Program starting?
5. What is the format for each week of the LIFECHANGER Program?
6. What kinds of exercises do the group Personal Training sessions involve and who created the LIFECHANGER Program?
Home Fitness' LIFECHANGER Program has been planned to ensure it is the best possible program available to our clients to make real change in their health and fitness.

Our team of qualified professional Personal Trainers have created the LIFECHANGER Program with each group Personal Training session being carefully planned and executed to ensure maximum results.

The group Personal Training sessions can include everything and anything - it is a surprise every session for our LIFECHANGER clients. Sessions may include workouts in pairs/partners, team trainings, 'boot camp' and Army-style training, cross fit sessions, and more. Each group Personal Training class in LIFECHANGER is different to see results fast and to keep the interest and motivation of our LIFECHANGER clients.
7. What kind of results can I expect from LIFECHANGER?
8. Can I do the LIFECHANGER Program if I am a beginner?
9. How do I find out more information about the LIFECHANGER Program?

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