Get fit, fast!

BODYATTACK™ classes is the high-energy cardio endurance class including running, jumping, push-ups and squats to push your fitness to new heights.

This class get you fit and you will have alot of fun while you do it.

BODYATTACK™ class is guaranteed to make you sweat!

1. What is BODYATTACK™?
BODYATTACK™ class is the high-energy cardio that increases your fitness quickly. Exercises include running, jumping, push-ups and squats to push your fitness higher. The up-lifting music drives the BODYATTACK™ workout to get everyone to the end of the class.
2. What are the benefits of BODYATTACK™?
3. What is a typical BODYATTACK™ class like?
4. How old do you have to be to participate?
5. How many calories will I burn at a BODYATTACK™ class?
6. What if I'm out of shape and I can't keep up?
7. What are the Membership options at Home Fitness?
We offer different Membership options to cater to all. There are Memberships for 12-months, 6-Months, 3-Months, and 1-Month. We have a '1-Day Pass' option also. All options include unlimited Group Fitness Classes on our Timetable anyday and anytime, and unlimited use of all cardio machines in our Cardio Room. 

For more information about our Membership options, call or WhatsApp us anytime (02-5555565/050-9597333).
8. What should I wear/bring to class?
9. How early should I arrive for class?
10. How long until I see results?
11. How long is each BODYATTACK™ Class?
12. There are some jumping exercises in BODYATTACK™ Class - what if I do not want or can not jump?

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